5 useful tips to find the right hotel in Dalat city for your trip

You are planning a vacation with your family and getting perfect hotel in Dalat City can make you feel overwhelmed. There are thousands of hotels and resorts to choose from. Luckily, Ladalat has found 5 tips and tricks that can make this task easier.

Overview of hotels in Dalat City

Dalat City is one of the most popular destinations of Vietnam. It is not doubtful that there are thousands of accommodations, including hostels, motels, beautiful homestays, luxury hotels and resorts. Most of them have good quality and reasonable price. Only from 150,000 VND, or even cheaper, you will find a place to stay in Dalat.

Although there are a mind-boggling number of accommodations, it doesn’t mean that you can always find a place to stay, especially in the peak seasons and special holidays. In these days, the serious traffic congestion will reduce in traffic speed and result in increasing in journey times. This is also one of the most important factors that you should consider in choosing a right hotel in Dalat.

Which hotel is right for you? How to find a perfect place to stay in Dalat?

Here are 5 tips and tricks that will be helpful for you:

  1. It is really useful to plan and get the total cost for your trip as well as your stay. You need to know exactly how long you will be in the hotel and in term of price, you can then branch out to amenities and services to determine whether or not the hotel fits your wish list.
  2. If you desire to enjoy the trip with lots of unique experience, you should also carefully consider the amenities and services of hotels and resorts.
  3. How far is it from the hotel to where you want to be in Dalat? Is it easy of access to the attractions? It will be better if you stay somewhere adjacent to attractions and the places you want to visit.

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4. Because of the lower terrain of the center in comparison with the neighbouring, city center hotels cannot offer you an amazing view of the mountains and city. If you really want to savor the breathtaking scenery of Dalat right from your room, just pick the hotel and accommodation that are a little bit far from the excitement of the city center.

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5. In some period of times, luxury hotels and resorts in Dalat will offer visitors many attractive promotions. You can take advantage of these opportunities to get a better accommodation with lower price.

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Choosing the right hotel in Dalat is not the exciting part of planning a vacation. But a perfect place to stay plays an essential role in an ideal trip. Ladalat hopes that, these tips can save your time in finding the hotel that meet your criteria.

Ladalat Hotel suspends taking in guest stay for upgrading service

To accompany the Covid-19 epidemic prevention program from the Ministry of Health of Vietnam drastically and thoroughly as well as to ensure the safety of employees and customers, 5-star hotel Ladalat would like to announce a temporary suspension of stay from March 16, 2020 to April 23, 2020. During this time, Ladalat focused on training human resources to improve the quality of services as well as maintain and upgrade the infrastructure and equipment in some areas to bring a new look before the summer tourism season of 2020. Sales and marketing department is still operating normally to receive a booking schedule for the opening time to welcome customers from April 24, 2020.
The Board of Directors and all 5-star hotel staffs Ladalat would like to thank all customers and travel companies who have trusted the choice of booking rooms in Ladalat during the past time. Ladalat believes that after the training, maintenance and upgrading, Ladalat will bring a whole new experience and be ready to welcome you back to enjoy the most luxurious and professional services at the flowers city.
The Board of Directors and staff of 5-star Ladalat Hotel sincerely thanks !

Disinfection In Hotel And Efforts Against The Coronavirus Of Ladalat

Khử trùng khách sạn

According to recommendations of Ministry of Health

According to recommendations of Ministry of Health

On February 7, 2020, Ladalat has strictly disinfected most areas of the hotel and implemented more preventive measures to proactively prevent the acute respiratory infection caused by the Coronavirus and protect our visitors during their stay.

According to recommendations of Ministry of Health, indoor amusement park, restaurants, bar, lounge, public areas, lobby, corridors, elevators and stairs of Ladalat Hotel have been disinfected. The disinfectant spraying solution is used in accordance with the regulations of medical authorities and poses no adverse health risks to visitors.

In addition, the daily Buffet menu will be replaced and supplemented dishes and drinks that can strengthen the immune systems for visitors during the time of travelling to Dalat city as well as staying in Ladalat Hotel.

We have been proactively working in accordance with authorities and relevant agencies and strictly implementing regulations and recommendations on the control of the Coronavirus to ensure the safety for visitors, staffs and the boarder community. All Ladalat’s staffs are equipped with medical face masks, as well as provided with specific guidance on the Coronavirus prevention.

In the context of the Coronavirus’ increasingly complex development, Ladalat recommends visitors to take preventive actions to protect yourself against Coronavirus by regularly washing hands with soap and clean water or alcohol-based hand rub, wearing medical face masks and avoiding direct unprotected contact with live animals.

Ladalat will always be available to assist you around the clock upon your request or in case you have any health doubts.

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